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Domestic Violence Laws in Iowa

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In the State of Iowa, domestic violence charges are defined by the Assault Code and the Domestic Abuse Act, which lay out the definition of criminal behavior as well as the definition of a domestic relationship. Domestic violence can involve physical contact, the threat of physical contact, or even the use of a weapon in a threatening manner.

Assault Victims Together

Our West Des Moines family lawyers at The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw, PLC are highly experienced and knowledgeable in this area of the law, and can assist clients who find themselves on either side of a domestic violence case. Whether you need to protect yourself and your children from family violence or have been charged with a crime, we are here to help! We can help you file a restraining order or defend you in criminal and family court.

Under Iowa law, a domestic relationship can be defined as:

  • Individuals who are married, divorced, or separated
  • Individuals who, in the past year, have lived together
  • Individuals who have a child together
  • Individuals who are either currently in an intimate relationship or have been within the past year

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