Enforcement of Court Orders

Enforcement of Iowa Family Court Orders

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Whether it’s about alimony payments, child support payments, or custody arrangements, all court-approved orders must be performed by both parties. However, if one party violates the terms of an order, the other can take legal action in order to make sure it is properly enforced.

At The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw, we have years of experience in handling all aspects of family law matters in Iowa, including family court orders. Our Des Moines family lawyers are dedicated to making your former partner or co-parent is held accountable for their actions. We possess the comprehensive understanding of Iowa laws and court proceedings to get the results you want.

Enforcing Orders

When individuals take the law into their own hands and decide that they do not feel obligated to pay support due to anger over a custody or support issue, they are breaking the law. In these instances, you are eligible to enforce the support order and collect the money using methods approved by the Iowa court.

It’s imperative to maintain a record of every situation where the other party violated the court order, so that court assistance may be granted. You could either notify the local authorities, contact the district attorney and explain the situation, file for a contempt of court action, or request a protective order to keep the other parent away from the child.

The following are ways to enforce a support order:

  • Withholding from the other party’s paycheck
  • Garnishment from the other party’s bank account
  • License suspension until support has been paid
  • Child supports liens which prevent the other party from selling property or securing a loan for property until support has been paid
  • Contempt of court which may result in a jail sentence or a court-ordered fine
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Our Des Moines family law attorneys understand how frustrating this situation can be. If a person is not paying his or her support obligations, the orders can be enforced by the court and police. With our help, we can obtain the outcome you desire together.

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