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Navigating A Military Divorce

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Divorce can be a highly emotional and complex process. When one or both spouses are in the military, the process is even more complicated. Special rules govern property division, support and custody, and jurisdictional issues may arise. It is in your best interests to consult with attorneys who understand the unique challenges facing military families and know how to navigate the military divorce process.

Located in West Des Moines, The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw helps clients at Camp Dodge and other military bases throughout the state protect their financial interests and parental rights during divorce. We welcome clients from all across Greater Des Moines.

Navigating a Military Divorce

In addition to Iowa law, the military has its own unique set of rules and procedures that govern divorce. At The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw, we understand the nuances of both state and military laws. Our West Des Moines divorce lawyers navigate clients through the divorce process as efficiently as possible.

Legal issues unique to military couples include:

  • Jurisdictional issues regarding where to file for divorce and modification requests
  • Legal proceedings when one spouse or parent is stationed overseas or on active military duty
  • Parental relocation due to military stationing requirements
  • Dividing military benefits and pension plans
  • Custody and visitation while stationed overseas
  • Spousal support and child support calculations using military pay and benefits

Although the spouse is on active military duty, he or she must still be served with the summons and the divorce petitions with a court in Iowa. This is the only way that the courts in our state have the jurisdiction to bring forth the divorce action if your spouse is on active duty. In an uncontested divorce case, the spouse will only need to provide a waiver affidavit to consent to the divorce.

We Put Your Family’s Needs First

Military divorces are challenging by their very nature. Between determining what is fair and equitable for diving property and determining child support and spousal support, our West Des Moines military divorce attorney can guide you through this process. We possess nearly two decades of experience and a genuine, compassionate desire to help military families find their way.

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