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When a married couple has a baby, establishing paternity is not necessary. However, when an unmarried couple has a baby, extra legal steps must be taken in order to ensure the baby’s biological father becomes the legal father, as well.

In Iowa, there are three ways to establish paternity, such as:

  • A paternity affidavit – Parents can choose to sign a paternity affidavit in the presence of a notary public with no fees required. Hospital and medical staff can provide you with one and assist you with witnesses once the baby is born. If you weren’t able to sign an affidavit at the hospital, you can contact your local Child Support Recovery Unit (CRSU) or County Recorder’s office.
  • A paternity order – The CRSU can enter a paternity order. They are typically involved when a parent applies for financial aid through the State of Iowa, which happens to a parent who isn’t getting enough financial assistance from the other parent in order to take care of a child. Any unmarried parent is entitled to help from the CRSU, such as genetic testing at no charge. Another way a paternity order can get established is through the district court.
  • Marriage – If the father and mother may one another prior to the birth of the baby.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

Paternity test

If the father and mother don’t live together, establishing paternity can legally validate financial obligations to pay child support, maintain health insurance, and pay medical expenses and educational costs. In addition, parents are able to cooperate with each other in order to make decisions which are best for their child. If the parents aren’t on good terms, the father will have the right to go to court and request for custody and visitation privileges from a judge.

Children can take advantage from the following:

  • Birth certificate will include both parents’ names
  • Guarantees the child’s ability to access medical histories from both sides of the family
  • Through the father, can qualify for benefits, such as Social Security, medical insurance, and other state, federal, and inheritance benefits.

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