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High net worth individuals often face greater hurdles during divorce. Dividing high-value, sophisticated assets can be complex, time-consuming and costly. At The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw, our West Des Moines property division attorneys understand the unique challenges involved in high-asset divorce. Located in West Des Moines, we provide clients with the smart, effective representation they need to protect their financial interests during divorce.

Sophisticated Representation During High-Asset Divorce

When a marriage ends, assets must be divided between the spouses. When complex, high-value assets - such as closely held businesses, income-producing properties, sophisticated investment portfolios and family legacy properties - are involved, the property division process can become complex.

Before developing a property division plan, each asset must be accurately valued. At The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw, we have the capability to do sophisticated property and business valuation, cash flow analysis and property appraisal in-house. Once we have classified and valued each property, we build property division strategies that protect our clients' financial interests and help ensure their wealth remains intact. Our lawyers also consider the future income-producing abilities and tax implications of each property to ensure our clients' long-term financial interests are protected.

How We Can Help

Our attorneys thoroughly examine our clients' and their spouses' financial and property holdings to ensure all marital property has been identified. If we suspect assets are being withheld, we will enlist the help of financial experts - such as forensic accountants, CPAs and other professionals - to investigate and uncover hidden assets.

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