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  • Can I Get an Annulment if I Have Children?

    An annulment sounds more confusing than it is. If you were married and found that your union was somehow invalid or fraudulent, children born from the union would not disqualify you from seeking an annulment. An annulment isn’t like a divorce, which keeps the record of the marriage on file. An annulment erases the marriage from the legal system. Because of the difference between an annulment and a ...
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  • How Long Can a Spouse Drag Out a Divorce?

    Once a party files for divorce, the entire process can get out of control if emotions run high and the estranged couple cannot get together to get the process complete. Divorce is emotional, and for those unable to come to terms with how they feel about the process, it’s easy to let things get out of control. An estranged spouse can drag a divorce out for a long time, whether intentionally or not. ...
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  • What's the Difference Between a Conservator & a Guardian in IA?

    With the Britney Spears case top of mind because of the media coverage of her situation, a larger conversation about conservatorships and guardianships has been opened. How much autonomy is appropriate to relinquish to another human being, and for how long? How does one become free from this relinquishing of autonomy? These are the questions being asked after the #FreeBritney movement. Changes in ...
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  • Why High Asset Divorces Slow Down the Process

    Divorce is a difficult time for many couples and their families. The process is made more stressful when it drags on for many months with countless court dates. High net worth divorces tend to stretch on for a while because of the complexities and difficulty dividing property and assets. There are many ways for people to amass a high net worth, but it’s usually the result of years of hard work and ...
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  • Can I Date While My Iowa Divorce is Pending?

    Once you are legally separated in Iowa, you may be ready to move on with your life. It’s normal to wonder how soon you can start dating once you’ve planned and filed the initial first step towards a divorce. There are no hard and fast rules about dating during your separation, but while some professionals say you should spend the time contemplating the fate of your current relationship, others ...
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  • Five Tips for Navigating the Summer Break Visitation Schedule

    As we head into the first full month of summer break, it’s important to know how to plan that time with kids when you’re coparenting and sharing them with an ex. You want to be able to make the most of your time together, so there are certain steps you can take to ensure your summer break doesn’t fly by without any significant time spent bonding with your kids. When kids have breaks during the ...
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  • Is it Difficult to Get an Annulment in Iowa?

    Is it Difficult to Get an Annulment in Iowa? Annulments are not as commonplace as you’d think, but that’s not because they are difficult to obtain as much as because they are specific in their usage. For those who qualify for an annulment, the process is not complicated. Once you’ve completed the petition and it’s verified that it meets the requirements and grounds for an annulment, a judge can ...
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  • Equitable Property Division and What it Means for Your Iowa Divorce

    Custody agreements, property division, and the allocation of debts and assets are stressful periods of any divorce proceeding. Working with your attorney to be prepared is a must. Iowa, unlike other states, practices an equitable property division policy. This means that marital property will not be divided 50/50, but in a fair way that considers all parties. All property acquired during the ...
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  • Can I Get My Baby Back After the Adoption is Finalized?

    Adoption is an important legal process that creates families and gives stability to children without two parents in their lives. Most adoptions are successful, but the process is long and complicated. For the couples that make it to the end of the process with the desired outcome, the challenges were worth it. Adoption fail rates are a scary topic that haunts many couples who really want to make ...
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  • How 3 Issues Could Complicate Your Iowa Divorce

    A divorce may be just another legal instrument to those in the business, but for many couples it represents one of the most stressful and difficult situations endured during their lifetime. Divorces are challenging events, and if you don’t have the support of friends, family, and legal representation, you can feel adrift. Filing for divorce is part of the process that leaves many couples confused. ...
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  • Is Your Co-Parent Sabotaging Your Parenting Plan?

    Co-parenting post-divorce is a tricky task. Parenting a child who splits his or her time between households can leave each parent feeling inadequate. Divorced couples have a difficult time co-parenting because the relationship with their ex isn’t the best foundation for creating a lasting agreement. Even if there is an agreed-upon parenting plan, your ex could be sabotaging your plan after an ...
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  • How Can I Get a Divorce if My Spouse is Contesting It?

    Getting a divorce from a spouse who wants to remain married or causes delays out of spite can leave you exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. Once you’ve reached the end of the long road of divorce, you may find your uncooperative spouse still wants to debate finalized details and rehash old arguments as a last-ditch effort to stop the divorce. Couples who agree to their marriage's ...
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  • Do I Lose My Alimony If I Start Dating or Remarry?

    A divorce means the end of a legal and emotional relationship where you shared many things, including your assets and debts. The financial benefits of sharing resources and bills can throw many divorcing couples into a stressful budgeting tailspin. When one spouse makes more money than the other, the imbalance can leave the other party in need of financial support to maintain the lifestyle they ...
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  • Where Do I File For Divorce If I Got Married Abroad?

    With the popularity of reality shows like 90 Day Fiancé, more and more Americans have friends and family who have international marriages. Foreign marriages also apply to your destination marriages. Regardless of why you happened to be married outside the country, your marriage is valid in two places. According to Iowa code 595.20 : A marriage that is solemnized in any other state, territory, ...
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  • How Could My Prenuptial Agreement Be Voided in Iowa?

    There was a time when people balked at the conversation of prenuptial agreements and discussions about what happens in a divorce. Past generations have viewed prenuptial agreements as depressingly unromantic tools of the wealthy that reduce marriage to more of a business relationship than a loving one. Cut to 2021, more and more couples marry later, and they are entering marriages with more assets ...
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