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If you have questions about a family law matter that you are facing, out West Des Moines family lawyers are here to provide answers. We have compiled and answered a list of the questions that we commonly receive at our firm. If you have any other questions about your case, please feel free to contact us at any time!

What Legal Matters Fall Under the Area of Family Law?

Family law covers an extensive range of legal matters, including, divorce, child custody and visitation,child support and spousal support, parental rights, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence issues, and more. Many times, numerous family law matters will result from a single situation.

Why Do I Need a West Des Moines Family Lawyer?

Many important things are at stake in family law matters, including your finances, rights as a parent, or even freedom. By having legal counsel with an extensive knowledge of the law and legal system working for you, you can significantly increase the chances of obtaining the positive outcome you need.

What Issues Should I Take Into Consideration During a Divorce?

Every divorce is different. Depending on your financial situation and whether or not you and your spouse have children, you may want to look into what could occur with respect to alimony and child support payments, how property will be divided, who will have custody of the children, how visitation plans will be set up for the non-custodial parent, and more. Our West Des Moines family law attorneys can help you understand each of these separate issues, and what the best routes to resolving them may be in your particular case.

What Are the Options for Settling My Family Law Issue?

Simply put, it depends on the nature of the issue. Some family law matters are highly contentious, involving parties that will not budge, and absolutely need to be resolved in court. Others involve parties who are willing to work together on some level, and may be resolved through methods such as negotiation and mediation.

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