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  • 3 Reasons to Change Your Prenuptial Agreement

    Many people use prenuptial contracts for financial purposes. They can clearly define their marital and separate property; they can restrict certain finances to just one spouse, they can make a financial plan in case of divorce; and so on. Some people also use marital agreements to dictate rules within the marriage. They can, for instance, make decisions about which spouse will handle which ...
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  • Prenuptial Agreements for Middle-Class Americans

    People often assume prenuptial agreements are for the ultra-rich, and these contracts do not apply to them. Without question, people of substantial means use these agreements to protect their wealth. However, anyone from any social class can benefit from a prenup. Here are some ways a prenuptial contract can benefit your marriage, even if you have an average income. Prenups Can Determine the Rules ...
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  • How Can I Avoid a Challenge to My Prenuptial Agreement?

    Prenuptial agreements are not always enforceable, but that doesn’t mean you should enter into an agreement assuming you can break it. While a prenup can be strong and well-drafted, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be challenged in court. The law is straightforward regarding prenuptial agreements. The law is written to protect both spouses, and if a prenuptial agreement is determined by a judge to be ...
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  • Can My Prenup Be Thrown Out?

    Each state treats prenuptial agreements differently, so before you start, find a legal representative who can help you determine what would be best in your situation. If you live in Iowa, your prenuptial agreement will be viewed by a judge in the state who will review the laws of the state as a guide. Conversations of prenuptial agreements and discussions about what happens in a divorce were once ...
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  • The Importance of Proposing a Prenup if You've been Divorced

    Second and any subsequent marriages can sometimes bring special issues that aren’t relevant to first marriages. Merging two independent families with children or with family assets, it can make a prenup non-negotiable. Children from a previous marriage, regardless of age, demand legal protections if any assets are planned to be passed to them upon the death of their biological parent. It should be ...
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  • How Could My Prenuptial Agreement Be Voided in Iowa?

    There was a time when people balked at the conversation of prenuptial agreements and discussions about what happens in a divorce. Past generations have viewed prenuptial agreements as depressingly unromantic tools of the wealthy that reduce marriage to more of a business relationship than a loving one. Cut to 2021, more and more couples marry later, and they are entering marriages with more assets ...
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