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Iowa Husband Awarded $3,500.00 Per Month in Alimony


In a surprising April 22, 2015, ruling, the Iowa Court of Appeals overturned a trial court's ruling and awarded an Iowa husband $3,500.00 per month in alimony.  Dr. Andrea Venteicher and her husband Lee Venteicher wed in 2003 and were divorced in 2014 in Allamakee County, Iowa.  Andrea earned approximatley $380,000.00 per year as a physician while Lee earned approximately $13.50 per hour as a part-time tax preparer.  The trial court declined to award Lee any spousal support.  However, on appeal the Iowa Court of Appeals ordered that Lee receive $3,500.00 per month as spousal support for a period of three years.  In reaching this decision the court noted that Lee put his career on hold, so the parties could move to a community that would allow Andrea to advance her career.