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Online Infidelity


We at The Law Office of Mark R. Hinshaw fully understand the impact the internet has on our current lives. Whether it’s catching up with friends through social media sites or seeking a relationship through various dating apps, the ways to connect with one another are endless. With the recent hack of controversial website Ashley Madison, which exposed the unfaithful activities of millions of users, it’s clear that couples must now consider the possibility of their significant other's infidelity under the guise of online anonymity.

According to a study by Childers and Wysocki (2011), about 63% of participants in their case study admitted to engaging in extramarital affairs online. So what can couples do to prevent or fix the damage?

Addressing online infidelity before it occurs

Sharing both of your online activities with each other is the best way to establish honesty. Discuss boundaries about what constitutes as appropriate and inappropriate online behavior and decide what the consequences are if someone violates the terms. This can be a great time to learn about the things you and your significant other enjoy doing online and dissolve any hint of jealousy.

What happens when you catch your partner cheating?

Again, communication is essential to begin the healing process. The guilty party must be open to listening to what their partner has to say, acknowledge the sexual/emotional nature of the online relationship, explore the motivations behind the secret, and reveal every detail about what went on online and offline. Learning the reason why your partner decided to cheat, as well as each other’s wants and needs, is an important step to moving on past this.

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