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Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Couples


Very few things are quite as difficult as struggling to co-parent with your ex-spouse, as there is obviously a reason why the two of you chose to end your marriage. Whether there is a vast difference in parenting styles, or you cannot simply get along with each other, co-parenting will be a challenge until your children are old enough to take care of themselves, and even then you will still have to face your ex-spouse for all of your children’s major life events.

The following are our co-parenting tips for divorce couples:

  • Consistency and stability is key. Despite how difficult it may be for the two of you to get along, set some ground rules that are similar in nature in order to promote routine.  
  • Try to show your child a positive relationship between you and your ex-spouse. Working like a team will take you both very far.
  • Set your hurt and anger aside as much as you can, as these feelings are not your child’s fault.
  • Remind your child that he or she is secure and loved throughout all of this. Encourage confidence.
  • Compromise is difficult, but it is vital for smooth sailing.
  • Don’t put your child in the middle, as the divorce is not their fault and they shouldn’t be responsible for it.
  • Improve communication as much as possible, and show restraint when necessary.
  • Make visitation as easy as you possibly can--don't be stubborn and risk hurting your child.

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