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Life After Divorce


The lead-up to divorce is often one of the most discussed parts of family law, in both the legal and public sense. The overall process is very heavily deliberated as well, though people very rarely discuss the aftermath of divorce as often as they should. This is unfortunate, as life after divorce is often incomparably difficult compared to anything you may have endured before. The question is, once you have survived the difficulties of this transition and are now on the other side, how do you face this next chapter of your life?

The following are our tips on navigating life after divorce with ease:

  • Stay social – Don’t allow this situation to change you for the worst. Isolating yourself is a sure-fire way to ensure your own unhappiness.
  • Stay active – Perhaps joining a community activity
  • Be mindful of your finances – Now that you are back to a single-income home, it is important you learn to budget accordingly, especially if your ex was the breadwinner or if you are expected to pay spousal support.
  • Stay in touch with your children, if you have any, especially if they are not in your custody.
  • Get back out there – Dating after divorce can be intimidating, but it may be better to start earlier than never.

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