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Will a Collaborative Divorce Benefit My Children?


To children, divorce is the end of the world. This may seem dramatic, but there is no denying that divorce changes a child’s life irrevocably. While a divorce may benefit your family in the long run, it’s important to remember what an emotionally complicated experience it can be for your child. If you have an amicable or courteous relationship with your spouse, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce offers many benefits to your child, and allows you to settle your divorce quickly and out of court

The first step in a collaborative divorce is to hire divorce attorneys. Their job is to guide both spouses through the divorce process by acting as intermediaries. Both spouses and the divorce attorneys will sign a pledge stating that the divorce won’t go to trial.

The success of a collaborative divorce is entirely dependent on spouses being able to cooperate and compromise without legal intervention. Each party has to fully and honestly disclose any information that relates to finances and property. Otherwise, negotiations fall apart and the pledge is broken.

 With this low-conflict option, your child doesn’t have to bear witness to the resentment and bitterness that frequently colors the traditional divorce process. When children watch their parents fighting, it damages their ability to copy with the divorce. A collaborative divorce is intended to keep all negotiations peaceful and relatively stress-free. This positive environment fosters excellent communication and encourages co-parenting. Collaborative divorce also helps parents determine child custody and visitation schedules with less stress.  Spouses can complete the divorce process while acknowledging and ensuring their child’s present and future needs.

Collaborative divorce is important because it fosters a positive relationship between former spouses. Your ex isn’t gone from your life just because he or she is no longer your spouse. Your child’s comfort and stability depends on you effectively co-parenting. After all, you’ll likely being seeing your ex for every momentous occasion in your child’s life. If you two can get along, your child’s life will be infinitely happier. 

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