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Does Infidelity Affect Divorce in Iowa?


Many marriages end due to infidelity on either party’s side--sometimes even both. Infidelity makes the divorce process often more complicated and contentious. Still, many people fail to realize it has no real legal bearing on divorce, at least in Iowa.

Is Adultery Illegal in Iowa?

Adultery is no longer a crime in Iowa. In the 1970s, the law changed, and adultery is no longer a criminal offense in Iowa.

Iowa is a “no-fault” state, which means that adultery cannot be used as a reason for divorce.

While adultery may contribute to a relationship’s deterioration, it cannot be why marriage ends.

While the state of a marriage is forever altered when one party is discovered to have cheated or consistently been cheating, the state of a divorce is conversely unaffected in Iowa.

Our Des Moines divorce lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw, PLC, will help you determine which external factors will be significant in your divorce process, including infidelity on either your or your spouse’s part.

Each state processes divorce differently. This means the state government does not consider who is at fault for dissolving the marriage and needs one party to claim the marriage is irreparably broken.

Filing on specific grounds is not an option. Infidelity will not affect alimony, property division, child custody, or child support. A judge will make his or her decision based on his or her discretion. Still, it is not required he or she consider infidelity or an extramarital affair when imposing a judgment.

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