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Creating a Special Valentine’s Day for Your Adopted Child


Expanding your family through adoption is a wonderful way to not only brighten your life but brighten the life of a child in need of a home. If this Valentine’s Day is the first you will share with your adopted child, you may be looking to make it particularly special. Here are a few ways to create a holiday your child won’t soon forget!

1.Create New Traditions

If your family has certain holiday traditions your newly adopted child has not been a part of before, consider integrating your child in the tradition or beginning a new one. This new tradition could be based on the existing tradition or it could be a fresh idea. For example, perhaps your family crafts valentines rather than buying them in the store. You could either integrate your new child into this process or you could have them choose how they would like to distribute valentines.

2.Incorporate Old Traditions

Adjusting to a new family and their standing holiday traditions can be a little shocking for children. Consider discussing the traditions your child values most and adding them to your own traditions. Let’s say your adopted child’s foster family wore red or pink shirts every Valentine’s day; consider continuing that tradition with your child so they have an easier time adjusting.

3.Have Them Help in the Kitchen

One important aspect of any holiday is the food. Whether it be decorating heart-shaped cookies or baking cupcakes, asking your adopted child to help you cook could be a great way to bond.

4.Create Memorial Keepsakes

Another great way to foster bonds with your child is to create holiday-specific keepsakes with them. Valentine’s day is a great holiday for creating special objects to give away to each other. Consider researching fun Valentine’s day crafting projects for families to do together as a way for the whole family to share in some holiday joy.

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