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What Is Adult Adoption?


Adult adoption is a wonderful way to formalize the relationship between a parent and child. Stepchildren, foster children, and even lost-lost biological children can all benefit from the adult adoption process. For example, an adult adoptee may want to initiate this legal process after reuniting and connecting with their biological father or mother. This process can be completed so long as the person being adopted is of legal age and all parties voluntarily consent to the adoption.

Adult adoption provides the following legal benefits:

  1. The adoptee can legally change their name
  2. The adoptee can be entitled to social security benefits
  3. The adoptee can be granted testamentary rights
  4. The adoptee can be cared for if they are physically or mentally disabled

Adult adoption is a fairly straightforward process. In fact, the adopter doesn’t even need to obtain a biological or legal parent’s consent before filing the paperwork. Likewise, the adoptee’s current parents don’t need to worry about actively relinquishing their legal parental rights.

The court may reject an adopter’s petition for the following reasons:

  1. The adoptee is under the age of 21
  2. The parties to the adoption are same-sex partners trying to establish inheritance rights
  3. The adopter or adoptee are trying to take advantage of a wealthy individual

In Iowa, an adopter must complete and file several legal forms in order to request an adoption hearing. Both the adopter and the adoptee need to be present at this hearing to explain why the adoption should be approved. If the court consents, then the adopter and adoptee will be issued an Order of Adoption, and the adoptee’s birth name will be amended to reflect the change in legal status.

Have Questions? Discuss Your Case with a Qualified Adoption Attorney

If you have questions or concerns about the adult adoption process, contact the West Des Moines adoption lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw. Our legal team possesses extensive knowledge about the protocols and regulations surrounding this unique legal process. We can help you complete and file the necessary paperwork and even act as your advocate during the adoption hearing.

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