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How to Pursue Foster Care Adoption in Iowa


From Temporary Housing to Forever Home

Becoming an adoptive parent is a rewarding experience for the parents and child alike. By adopting through foster care, you can help a child regain a sense of stability and permanence while providing them with the caring, attentive family that they’ve been lacking.

What Is Foster Care?

When a family fosters a child, they provide temporary care while a social worker evaluates the child’s birth family to see if there is any way to improve the situation and allow the child to return home. While it is typically a temporary process as they wait for their parents, foster children can become free for adoption if a judge terminates their parents’ parental rights.

Could I Qualify as a Foster or Adoptive Parent?

Iowa allows most adults looking to start or expand a family to adopt, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, or homeowner status. To qualify for a foster or adoption license, you simply have to be at least 21 and physically and mentally stable. Parenting training is provided to new parents to grow familiar with the responsibilities they’ll assume.

How Much Does a Foster Adoption Cost?

The Iowa Department of Human Services funds the orientation, training, licensing, and support services provided to foster parents and parents adopting from the foster system. There is no cost to those looking to foster or adopt.

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