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What are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce?


What are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce provides couples with an amicable way to end their marriage without the conflict and animosity of a traditionally litigated divorce. No one gets married waiting for the day it will end in divorce. A marriage usually ends in a more gradual and subtle manner. The process to end a marriage is straightforward, but it’s not always easy to get to a finalized settlement agreement. Many issues must be resolved before a divorce can be completed. Issues like custody, property division, and spousal support can all serve to slow down the process. When couples struggle to agree on these issues, a divorce can drag out for months, if not years. In an uncontested divorce, couples can avoid these types of hurdles by reaching a mutually acceptable agreement that leads to a finalized divorce settlement, preventing the need for a trial. Uncontested divorces have several other benefits for couples seeking a low-conflict end to their marriage.

Uncontested divorces are:

• Less Expensive: An uncontested divorce requires fewer court filing, which means those costs are significantly reduced than in a traditionally litigated divorce. Additionally, when your case requires less court time and less filing, you can also finalize your divorce without as many hours in your lawyer’s office.

• Increased Confidentiality: When a couple can resolve many of their issues without the court system intervening, many of the disclosures and agreements comprised in the divorce documents will not become part of the public record.

• Easier & Faster Process: Uncontested divorces are essentially conflict-free because the couple has created the terms of the divorce agreement, which eliminates the need for a court appearance. Removing the lengthier elements from the process makes an uncontested divorce easier and faster to resolve.

• Less Conflict & Stress: Contested divorces can quickly become stressful because the contested topics are emotional issues prone to conflictual disagreements. Sometimes, couples can reach an agreement and resolve these difficult topics on their own and file an uncontested divorce.

Human beings are dynamic, and because we are all different, it’s not reasonable to believe people will respond similarly in every instance. While some couples can reach an amicable resolution to their divorce negotiations, it is not a good choice for couples embroiled in marital distress. If a relationship is historically prone to bouts of domestic violence, threatening language, or emotional abuse, a means of divorce that promotes collaborative negotiation and problem-solving could end in a one-sided agreement that was manipulatively crafted.

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