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Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Divorce


In a divorce, how you handle the proceedings and how you behave throughout the process is important toward obtaining the most favorable outcome once an agreement is reached. Unfortunately, aggressive behaviors are often an overriding factor in lengthy and contentious legal battles. Learning how to avoid sabotaging yourself and risking an undesirable outcome in your case can help you reach a reasonable divorce agreement.

The following are common ways that people sabotage their best interests during divorce:

  • Undermine finances. One of the most frequent ways people sabotage their own divorce is by attempting to hide, shift, or misreport assets in order to hold onto assets and reduce child support or spousal support payments. If the court finds out, it can result in an extremely unfavorable legal decision.
  • Picking fights that are unnecessary. Divorce is a frustrating and emotionally overwhelming time. Unfortunately, couples respond by being too aggressive with one another and picking fights out of anger and spite, as opposed to finding an equitable solution. Couples who continuously get aggressive with each other often complicates the divorce, resulting in a much longer and more costly process.
  • Retaining the legal services of the wrong lawyer. When selecting a divorce attorney, it is imperative to look for someone with considerable experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the legal system. Choose a lawyer whose sole focus is on divorce and family law matters, as well ensures that they have a strong reputation in the area.

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