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Blended Families & the Holidays


The holidays are a time of year where time should be spent with loved ones. However, when families become blended due to divorce or remarriage, the season can be subject to conflict, anxiety, and stress.

The following are helpful tips you may want to consider so you and your family can enjoy the holidays without any worries or stress:

  • If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all. Maintaining a positive attitude during the holidays is the key to success. To provide the peace, try not to say anything that could be misconstrued by another family member and be sensitive to topics of conversation that might be considered uncomfortable to talk about.
  • It is okay to celebrate holidays on different dates. When it comes to experiencing the holiday with a new family setting, you must always keep an open mind. While it might be great to ensure that one single day works for every family member or most of them, it is perfectly fine to celebrate a holiday on a different date, as long as everyone is together.
  • Do not try to control everything. A new family setting can make anyone feel on edge. However, it is imperative to let natural interactions occurs and not try to involve yourself in every conversation to maintain the peace. The more natural the environment, the more fun and comfortable everyone will be.
  • Think of new traditions to bring everyone together. While old traditions may bring back memories to a time that will never return, resulting in feeling sad, changing things up can help your blended family bond over a new experience.

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