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Biggest Divorce Myths


You might have heard a variety of divorce stories that are often considered as truth; however, some of them are just myths that are not necessarily true. Each couple who has divorced or is currently in the process does not experience the same emotions and issues.

While each divorce ends differently, the following are four of the biggest myths of divorce:

  1. Divorce is always expensive. Not all divorces end with a steep price to pay. In many cases, couples choose to handle their divorce matters without court litigation. They hire attorneys who will help them determine a mutual agreement, resulting in a reduction in the overall cost of divorce.
  2. The mother always gets the kids. While children often do stay with the mother, that is not always the case. A mother who is considered unstable and incapable of caring and supervising her child will lose custody. If the judge in charge of handling the divorce case decides the kid is better off with the father, the mother will lose custody. Furthermore, if a child is of a certain age, he or she can choose who he or she wants to live with.
  3. Disagreements always result in divorce. It is common for couples to argue, but it doesn’t mean divorce is just around the corner. Having disagreements every once in a while is a natural part of marriage. When a couple is truly in love with one another, they often come to a compromise with both parties can follow and respect. Marriages can’t always be a fairytale, though there are plenty magical moments.
  4. Divorce is always caused by one person. Divorce is not always one person’s fault. There are many cases where a couple simply outgrows each other, understanding that they cannot live together any longer.

When love and respect deteriorate in your marriage and you have exhausted all of your options in order to save what’s left, divorce is perhaps the next step. When the time comes to determine a divorce agreement, however, work together with maturity and respect.

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