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New Year's Resolutions to Help You through Your Divorce


Separation or divorce is never easy, especially during the holidays. It is okay to feel sad, confused, or angry about the end of your marriage. As the New Year starts, setting personal goals and resolutions can help you deal with these emotions in a healthy way. If you are facing divorce, dedicating your New Year’s resolutions to your case can help you treat the New Year as a clean slate and assist you through this difficult transition.

Divorce Resolutions for 2017

Stop bad mouthing about your ex.

It can be super tempting to speak ill about your ex, especially if he or she is saying terrible things about you or there is bad blood between you. Moving forward starts with keeping those nasty words you want to share to yourself, especially if you are feeling tempted to say them to your children or post them online. Airing your grievances online can always come back to hurt you, especially during the divorce process, and talking ill about your ex to your kids is not healthy for them or in their best interest.

Don’t succumb to your bad feelings.

It is perfectly okay to be emotional about your divorce, but wallowing will only hurt you. If you feel sad or alone, surround yourself with people that love and support you. Pick up a hobby, like exercising or meditation. Work on strengthening your relationship with your kids or other family members. Most importantly, try to forgive your ex and yourself. If your former spouse is the reason for your breakup, forgiving them could heal you more than it would impact them. Forgiving yourself, whether because you caused the breakup or you were blind to the signs, can also help the healing process.

Finish your divorce this year.

The divorce process can get nasty and drawn out. Instead of dragging the emotional process out over the years, vow to end it within 2017. You will save yourself money, time, and emotions. Closing that chapter in your life promptly can help you start the next chapter. Finish it, put it away, and move on.

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