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Online Dating Websites Becoming More Common in Divorce Evidence


With the advent of technologies such as social media and the Internet, divorce has changed considerably, as have dating and relationships. Many people who are in the midst of a divorce don’t know how else to get back into the dating pool, as they may feel hesitant to put themselves in social situations they’re not used to. As a result, many people are turning to dating websites as a way to still put themselves out there, but keep a certain level of safety from vulnerability or rejection.

However, did you know that online dating websites are now becoming a common aspect of divorce proceedings? Used as evidence, any and all dating profiles you have created will be traceable and can end up being used against you. Over half of divorce proceedings now include as part of their evidence, especially if you are claiming to be single even though you are still single.

Relationship status is most closely scrutinized in these cases, as is the statement of salary, occupation, and other personal information. Though you won’t necessarily get into any legal trouble, you will likely face some backlash from your ex-spouse’s legal team, and the news will certainly be revealed to the judge. The best practices while in the midst of a divorce are to remain as private as possible until things have been settled.

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