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Tips on Planning Child Custody during the Summer Months


Children are always excited for the summer. School is out, they have the freedom to play from dusk until dawn, and they usually go on some kind of vacation with their family. However, after a divorce, the summer can become quite a complicated ordeal for ex-spouses to find agreement upon. Oftentimes, divorced parents who have limited custody during the school months hope to see their children for an extended period of time during the summer, in order to maintain a close relationship between parent and child.

At the Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw, we are a team of experienced Des Moines divorce lawyers who understand figuring out visitation and custody can be quite complicated for some parents to do. This is why we are devoted to putting your child’s best interests first and helping you construct a plan which will benefit not only your children, but one you will be happy with as well. While you and your ex-spouse may have a set schedule during the school year, summer frees up most of your child’s time. It is imperative to set clear rules with your ex, so as to create a seamless routine everyone will be pleased with.

The following tips may help you while planning child custody during the summer months:

  • Set up a schedule and stick to it
  • Don’t violate your custody agreement
  • Give adequate notice for plans which may require custody modification
  • If travelling far, give notice to your ex-spouse
  • Exchange custody in a safe place
  • Allow your child communicate openly with other parent while on vacation
  • Plan for possible cancellations, adjustments, or other unexpected scenarios

Our Des Moines divorce lawyers understand just how difficult it may be to have your child leave for an extended period of time, especially if you are used to seeing them often during the school year. This is why our team at the Law Offices of Mark R. Hinshaw will work tirelessly to help you construct an effective and positive child custody plan for the summer.  We are compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable, and we strive to help you and your ex transition into summer as seamlessly as possible.

If your summer custody preferences have changed or you are in need of Des Moines divorce attorneys you can trust, speak to a representative by calling 515.200.7571.