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The Importance of Creating Consistent Routines for Your Kids After Divorce


After a divorce, life can feel uncertain and unpredictable for your children, resulting in anxiety and stress. To ease their apprehensions in the aftermath of your split, it is crucial to create a set of consistent rules and routines across both households to make visitation less jarring. Fostering stability in their lives will help them feel safe, secure, and instill healthy habits. To get started, you and your spouse will have to collaborate and discuss what is most important for you to establish. You might not share identical values, so try to narrow it down the essentials.

Working with Your Former Spouse

As difficult as it may be to work with your ex-spouse on anything, creating consistent routines and rules for your children to follow regardless of the home they are in is vital for their wellbeing and happiness. Set some time aside to talk about what you believe should be included and what you are willing to be more flexible on. Keep in mind that you may also have to revisit this issue if you find that they are not as practical as you originally thought.

Below are some of the reasons why it is crucial for you to work with your former spouse to create consistent and reliable rules and routines for your children:

  - Your children will not act out as frequently

  - Your children will develop healthier habits

  - Your children will learn how to effectively manage their time

  - Seeing your children healthier and less stressed will improve your mood as well

  - Your children will develop better impulse control and decision-making skills

Moreover, when your children have consistent bedtime rituals, it will ensure better sleep, which will result in better growth.

When establishing these rules together, you and your co-parent should ask each other some of the following questions:

  - How will you reward good behavior?

  - What are the consequences for bad behavior?

  - Should one parent be responsible for handling specific issues?

  - How should these rules and routines be communicated to the children?

  - Are there any potential problems with this approach?

  - What are the advantages of this approach?

It may be challenging to work with your former spouse on creating these rules, but it will ultimately serve the best interests of your children.

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