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What Can I Do If My Ex Stops Paying Child Support?


If you are no longer with your child’s parent and you are the primary caregiver, you should also be receiving child support from your ex. Unfortunately, if your former spouse fails to comply with the court order, this can put you in a financial predicament. Before you take the matter to court, reach out to your former spouse to discuss the matter. You may be able to negotiate a temporary modification if your ex recently became unemployed or is experiencing another financial hardship.

If your ex is simply refusing to comply with the child support order, however, do not hesitate to retain legal counsel and address the matter in court.

Taking Your Child Support Case to Court

There are several ways in which a court can enforce a child support order, which ranges in severity, depending on how much money is overdue.

Below are some common enforcement tools:

- Wage deduction: If a judge orders a wage reduction, the money your former spouse owes will be taken out of your ex’s wages and sent directly to you, eliminating the chance of your ex’s continued refusal to comply with the court order.

- Federal income tax intercepts: To cover missing child support payments, the state may also intercept your former spouse’s tax refund.

- License suspension or revocation: If your former spouse continues to disobey the child support order, the state may revoke your ex’s driver’s or professional license.

- Restricted passport: Additionally, passport agencies may refuse to renew your ex’s passport.

- Contempt of court: In some cases, a delinquent parent may face jail time and steep fines due to non-payment of child support.

Moreover, if your ex owes more than $5,000 or refused to pay child support for over a year, the U.S. Office of Inspector General may get involved in the case, resulting in potentially harsher penalties.

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