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Co-Parenting Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


If you are a separated or divorced parent, you are likely already acutely familiar with the challenges of co-parenting with your ex. However, now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, raising children with your former spouse may be considerably more difficult and your children are likely picking up on the increased tension and anxiety in your family.

Although everyone’s schedules may have changed, it is crucial to follow the terms of your visitation and custody agreement as much as possible. If you violate your court order and deny your co-parent visitation or any other parental rights, you may end up facing a petition for contempt.

Learning to Cooperate with Your Ex-Spouse

If your schedules temporarily changed due to COVID-19, you and your co-parent must do your best to establish a temporary schedule to accommodate these changes while still ensuring you both spend time with the children. That said, when collaborating on a temporary schedule, you should prioritize your children’s needs and best interests over your preferences.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

- Keep all forms of communication open and respond to your co-parent in a timely manner. Everyone’s anxiety levels are undoubtedly high right now, so staying in contact will help ease these emotions.

- If the visitation schedule feels a bit imbalanced at times, try not to keep score, especially if it was done to better accommodate your children.

- You and your co-parent should agree to set more time aside for video calls with the children, especially if one parent is not seeing them often enough.

Living in these unprecedented times will be stressful and present some unique challenges, but as long as you are willing to cooperate and compromise with your former spouse.

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