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Wasteful Dissipation in a Divorce


Wasteful dissipation can have a profound impact on a divorce. If your spouse failed to protect certain marital assets or wasted marital assets in anticipation of the divorce, these acts may be considered wasteful dissipation. That said, such cases can be challenging to prove in court, so it is essential to hire an experienced attorney to handle your case. Continue reading to learn more about wasteful dissipation in a divorce.

The Impact it Can Have on a Divorce

There are several factors a judge will examine when determining whether or not your spouse’s actions should be considered wasteful dissipation. For example, if your spouse was always wasteful and irresponsible with marital assets and you never objected to it, it would be difficult to claim wasteful dissipation in court. On the other hand, if the behavior was unusual and only benefited your spouse rather than the household, a judge may consider it wasteful dissipation.

These are some examples of wasteful dissipation:

- Gambling

- Spending on recreational drugs and alcohol

- Wasting assets on an extramarital affair

- Making a major purchase before filing for divorce

Moreover, the sum of the marital assets wasted must be substantial. For example, if your spouse had an affair and took the person out to lunch or to see a movie, these minor expenses would not be considered wasteful dissipation. If your spouse conducted the affair in lavish hotels, however, such grand expenses may be considered wasteful dissipation.

If a judge determines that your spouse’s spending was an act of wasteful dissipation, you may be rewarded a larger share of marital assets to make up for the loss.

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