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Can Men Receive Alimony in a Divorce?


Even in our modern times, there is a lot of confusion around gender and divorce decisions. Most people assume that the system is biased toward women. They believe that women are overcompensated when it comes to support, child custody, and so on.

Legally, gender should not affect any divorce decisions. The court should consider only the facts of the case and the individuals getting divorced.

In this article, we will take a broad look at the issue of spousal support and how it affects the men who need it.

When Would a Man Need Spousal Support?

Spouses financially rely on one another. In most situations, one spouse makes more than the other, and the lesser-earning spouse depends on the income of the other. There are also families with a stay-at-home parent who brings in little to no income. If the marriage abruptly ends, one partner could be left in a financial bind, possibly destitute.

Spousal support has nothing to do with gender. It is, theoretically, strictly about finances. It is there to help spouses in situations like the ones described above.

A man would receive alimony for the same reasons as any woman. Perhaps they spend the marriage as a stay-at-home father, or maybe they quit their job to pursue higher education. If they come to rely on their wife financially, they need support to keep them afloat until they can achieve independence.

The Challenges of Alimony for Men

Unfortunately, many biases still exist in the legal system. Judges are only people, and they are not immune to antiquated ways of thinking. Many are harder on men who need spousal support, and they may put more pressure on these men. They may ask a man to jump through more hoops, such as keeping a job log. Logs like these outline any job the man applied for/accepted/turned down/and so on.

Make sure to hire a good attorney to help with your divorce proceedings. They may be able to keep a judge focused on the law, bypassing ugly prejudices against either spouse.

If that weren’t enough, we see many men struggling with their own internal biases. Men often find it hard to accept alimony, even when they clearly need it. These men may feel weakened or emasculated by accepting money from their former wives.

In the worst cases, a man may try to win back their spouse by “proving” themselves. They reject spousal support and work themselves to death, trying to show their ex-wife, the world, and themselves that they can make it on their own.

There is no shame in accepting spousal support when you need it. You didn’t create the system you were born into. If you spent years out of the workforce or working for little pay, you can’t be expected to suddenly support yourself without help. Money, in our society, is the very means of our survival, and you deserve to stay fed and comfortable after your divorce.

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