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The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce


If you and your spouse are planning to get divorced, you may be wondering if your only option is to go through the litigation process. There are actually many ways to dissolve a marriage that will not land the two of you in court before a judge. One such method is known as collaborative divorce. If you have children, staying out of court and avoiding an inherently hostile process may be particularly beneficial since it will help set a better foundation for you as co-parents. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of choosing a collaborative divorce.

Understanding the Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce

For spouses who are interested in avoiding the litigation process, collaborative divorce provides another avenue.

Below are some of the benefits of choosing collaborative divorce:

  1. You and your spouse will have more control over the outcome of your settlement, unlike litigation, where a judge renders a decision on each key issue. As a result, you are likely to be happier with your divorce decree and will have a better chance at moving forward.
  2. Since you will not be at the mercy of the court’s schedule, you will have more control over how long this process takes. If you go through the litigation process, it may be several months or even years before you achieve a resolution.
  3. Divorce litigation is also a public process, which means the details of your divorce will be accessible to anyone with an interest in it. Collaborative divorce allows you to keep these matters private. Only you, your spouse, and your respective attorneys will know the details.
  4. As mentioned above, choosing collaborative divorce is highly beneficial for parents. You can work on your ability to cooperate and compromise with one another, which will be immensely helpful for you as you continue to raise your children.

Divorce does not always have to be stressful. By opting for a collaborative divorce, you can avoid unnecessary heartache, stress, and move forward into this new chapter of your life as smoothly as possible.

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